A new version is available for ASP and ASP.NET.

I've written string encrypters for ASP, ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, JSP and PHP 5 respectivly, which are interoperable with each other.
The encrypters take two strings, a key and an initial vector. The key and the initial vector are internally converted into UTF-8 and hashed by MD5.

Transition of key and initial vector

String encryption is carried out by using Encrypt method, which first converts the input string into UTF-8 and encodes it according to the PKCS7 padding algorithm (except JSP that uses PKCS5, but it is compatible if the block size is 128bit.) and encrypts it with 128-bit AES algorithm in Cipher Block Chaining(CBC). The encrypted binary is encoded by Base64.
Decrypt method decrypts the encrypted string.
Transition of input and output

The following code is an example of using the string encrypter in ASP.NET 1.1/2.0(C#). The StringEncrypter class is implemented in StringEncrypter.cs.
 *  ASP.NET 1.1/2.0 (C#)
using Hyeongryeol.Security.Cryptography ;
const string key = "This is a secret key." ;
const string iv = "This is an initial vector." ;

// Create an instance.
StringEncrypter encrypter = new StringEncrypter (key, iv) ;

// Encrypt a string.
string encrypted = encrypter.Encrypt ("Test sample") ;

// Decrypt a string.
string decrypted = encrypter.Decrypt (encrypted) ;
The following code shows how to use the string encrypter in ASP(VBScript). Since ASP doesn't support built-in AES algorithm, you need to install HyeongryeolStringEncrypter.dll which is a COM component based on XySSL 0.8. You have to register it by using the regsvr32.exe program.
(I recommend you to install it in the %WINDOWS%System32 folder.)
'  ASP (VBScript)
Const conKey = "This is a secret key."
Const conIV = "This is an initial vector."

' Create an instance.
Set objEncrypter = Server.CreateObject ("Hyeongryeol.StringEncrypter")

objEncrypter.Key = conKey
objEncrypter.InitialVector = conIV

' Encrypt a string.
strEncrypted = objEncrypter.Encrypt ("Test sample")

' Decrypt a string.
strDecrypted = objEncrypter.Decrypt (strEncrypted)
The following code is an example in JSP (Java). The StringEncrypter class is implemented in StringEncrypter.java which also requires Base64Encoder.java.
 *  JSP (Java)
import com.hyeongryeol.security.cryptography.*;
String key = "This is a secret key.";
String iv = "This is an initial vector.";

// Create an instance.
StringEncrypter encrypter = new StringEncrypter(key, iv);

// Encrypt a string.
String encrypted = encrypter.encrypt("Test sample");

// Decrypt a string.
String decrypted = encrypter.decrypt(encrypted);
The following code is an example in PHP 5. The StringEncrypter class is implemented in StringEncrypter.php. It can only be used in a UTF-8 encoded file because UTF-8 encoding and decoding are omitted.
 *  PHP 5 (UTF-8)
require ("StringEncrypter.php") ;

define ("KEY", "This is a secret key.") ;
define ("IV", "This is an initial vector.") ;

// Create an instance.
$encrypter = new StringEncrypter (KEY, IV) ;

// Encrypt a string.
$encrypted = $encrypter->encrypt ("Test sample") ;

// Decrypt a string.
$decrypted = $encrypter->decrypt ($encrypted) ;

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